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Our Story

Dobrovin Farm offers its customers a great range of activities along with excellent food, a magical location with secluded little corners, shaded greenery, skilled staff, and a wondrous feeling that time is standing still. The farm provides a luxurious venue of the highest standards for hosting lunches up North, and is one of the most unique locations in the country for special dinner events. We host both summer and winter events.

The restaurant

The Doborovin Farm meat restaurant, is one of the top restaurants around for meat lovers, with a kitchen influenced by European and Mediterrenean cuisine alike, and courses changing seasonally. The surprising variety of complex dishes offer a fascinating menu, along with famous, well-loved meals. We cater specialty meals such as: vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.


We at Dobrovin Farm will produce your event for you in a personal and precise manner.

We promise to accompany and advise you from the very first steps of preparing for your event to its successful completion.

We at Dobrovin Farm offer not only excellent food, but various activities such as workshops, theme parties, fun days, a visit to the farm museum or assistance and collaboration on every idea or whim you may have.

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